Shallow well and deep well
Full range of surface and deep well submersible pumps capable of pumping water from wells of 10 feet to 700 feet, providing excellent water tap pressure in your home. All pumps are fully guaranteed while annual maintenance is recommended.

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Sewage Effluent pumps
ADF has a wide range of experience in this area and have fitted and maintained effluent systems in major hotels and golf courses all over Dublin and Wicklow. We supply and fit all types of pump from domestic small scale systems to full scale industrial shredders.

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Mains Booster
There is a large range of mains booster pumps for those situations where there is inadequate inlet pressure. The installation of a booster pump will improve the water pressure dramatically. They are small, may be fitted in an inconspicuous location and are extremely quiet.

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Shower pumps
ADF supply and fit shower pumps providing dependable and consistent high water pressure

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Fountain Pumps
From the smallest pond to the largest water features we stock fountain pumps of all sizes and applications.

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ADF has vast experience in the provision and installation of water pumps of all sizes and applications. For specialist applications including large scale well testing just inquire.